Purposeful Elementary Curriculum Work

Earlier this month I was fortunate to spend two days with a group of eleven elementary school educators (twelve, if you include Mike Frerichs’ remote comments from Alaska) to explore how we, together, could align the elementary technology rubrics to existing units in the curriculum.  We were able to do this in a way that all elementary teachers will be able to  incorporate into their classes.  After that work is when the real power of collaboration took hold.  We explored what it really means to be an elementary school student AND elementary school teacher in Clarkstown.

As part of our conversations, we discussed ways in which the allocations of hardware in elementary schools can be reconfigured to more closely align with our instructional goals.  We explored the various levels of professional development that were necessary, as well as the inherent value of having experts available in each school;  not experts from elsewhere in the district, but rather experts from within the school who participate with staff from other schools to master tools that can transform teaching and learning.

These are exciting times at CCSD, and our staff and students will certainly benefit from the two days of deep and purposeful conversations that took place.  Details of the meetings will be presented to principals and, in turn, staff members in the beginning of the school year.

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