A Valuable (must watch) Examination of Motivation

In 2011 I was fortunate to teach a graduate leadership course, and one student shared a powerful video associated with Daniel Pink’s (then latest) book Drive.  Earlier today, this same video was used to spark a powerful conversation with a group of leaders from across our region.

The message is powerful, and has implications regarding regarding strategies to motivate students.  Rewards (i.e. extra credit, grades) can work counter to our goals, just as it can for professionals.  As we prepare our students for the world they will inherit,  understanding the research behind motivation (particularly for professionals) can help shape their self-directed learning and purposeful engagement.  The district’s Strategic Cohesive Plan gives us the opportunity to do so.  Because the data runs counter to many traditional beliefs about motivation, this video is a “must view” for all us who serve as leaders in our various capacities (administrator, teacher, staff, and/or student) in a learning environment.

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