A Visit to Google’s NY Offices

One of the great things about being a Google Certified Teacher (GCT)is the opportunity to have an insider’s edge as to where the Google Apps for Education tools are going in the next three to six months. On Friday, June 10, 2011, me, my colleague John Calvert, and a director/friend from another district visited the Google offices in NYC to meet with product managers, other GCTs, and several Google trainers.  Each of us had been to the headquarters before for different reasons, but this experience was a real treat for us.  Google was smart and had us all sign a non-disclosure agreement, which limits what I can share.  However, after spending an entire day learning about the upcoming changes, enhancements, and features, the three of us left with a renewed enthusiasm related to how these collaborative tools can really transform a student’s learning experience.  In a nutshell, the product will continue to be improved, making the users’ (our teachers and students) experiences even better and more transparent.  As the cornerstone in our district’s collection of online tools, we are looking forward to an expanded and even more fluid experience next year.  The best is yet to come!

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