Adventures in WordPress mu (the wisdom behind division of labor!)

This week (2/19/2007) the school district is closed, and it has been the perfect opportunity to set up WordPress mu on our tufsdblogs server and experiment. In short, after many (very many) hours of creating blogs, experimenting with various plug-ins and themes, and causing some (unexpected) damage, it has become clear that if we deploy this wonderful tool, we’ll need to use a hosting company that is expert in it.

Our current (and very cost efficient) host will be one consideration, as will the company that hosts Will Richardson’s blog, Edublogs. We do want to have the controls that are available in the multiple user (mu) version of WordPress. Howeve, without the in-house support for the database components, we’ll need to outsource those responsibilities. We cannot risk discouraging our users by making them beta testers for a system we ultimately cannot troubleshoot and support. By providing a relatively rock solid foundation, we can begin the process of exploring the purposeful uses of Web 2.0 technologies in our district and our initial uses with teachers willing to explore the potential will not be burdened by technical support issues.

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