Blog Basics For Non-Instructional Purposes: What is a Blog and How Is It Used?

Recently I was asked to run a workshop about the basics of blogs for non-instructional purposes.  Eseentially, what is a blog and how is it used.  I’m excited to offer this workshop, and I’m thrilled to see that it is sold out!  After careful consideration, I chose to focus on the following areas below.

By the end of the two hour session, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify various uses for a blog
  • Log into a blog (teachers)
  • Create a post for their blog
  • Create categories for their blog (categories allow users to view all blog entries by category.  For example, a class may have homework, resources, writing, and activities categories.  By clicking on one category, the reader will only see items you have associated with that category.)
  • Select a theme for their blog
  • Use the various functions of the blog dashboard
  • Determine the use of comments, including when to allow/disallow  comments and under what conditions

The one sheet handout is available to print.

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