Blogs and Wikis for Our Teachers

I have the opportunity to work with a group of teachers  as part of an in-service course that focuses on using blogs and wikis in the high school classroom.  We spent a bit of today’s session reviewing key differences between blogs and wikis, and why one would be more appropriate than another to reach a set of goals.  Heidi Lappi, who is co-teaching the course, showcased the private wiki that her students have created.  She has structured it with a focus on student engagement and sustainability.   The creativity is the only real limitation, and it’s a matter of learning the basics of the tools, determining a use,  and then making the vision a reality.  The following is an example of a rather advanced wiki.  It is a student created Wiki textbook, (the About Our Class section is also quite interesting).  I learned about this wiki in a response to a post on Will Richardson’s blog. If you’re not familiar with this Will’s blog, it’s well worth exploring!

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