Blogs as Interactive Reading Journals

Students in Mr. Celini’s English class have been using CommentPress, a district supported blog, to further engage themselves in their literature. They are reading Little Brother by Cory Doctorow, which is distributed online (as well as in print), and students interact and comment on the text. The author, in a note to Mr. Celini, wrote,
“What an amazing project — gosh, it’s humbling and exciting and scary to have such close attention paid to one of my books! Love that your students are begging to talk about the book! Please give ’em my best.”

At South High School, the students in Mr. Schiela’s class are working on a similar project to interact with the text in Shakespeare’s Henry V. Click here to see exactly what this blogging technology (also used in the middle school) means for our students. The original text is on the left, and the student responses are on the right (the number indicates the number of student responses).

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