Bring Your Own Technology Debuts at Clarkstown’s High Schools

As part of our ongoing efforts to increase the use of technology as a learning tool, teachers and students in both of our high schools now have the opportunity to bring their own technology devices to school and have access to our wireless networks.  This new opportunity will allow access to online resources associated with school related projects, including Google Apps, blogs, websites, and more.  Though students will not be able to access local network drives (i.e. the h:/ drive, the district home page), they will be able to wirelessly access all Internet resources available to the district.  This BYOT Internet access is filtered in the same manner as it is for district computers.

The district offers this BYOT resource as a courtesy, and assumes no responsibility for any device that is damaged, lost, or stolen.  There is no district support for personal devices.  A password has been made available for students to access the public side of our wireless network.

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