CCSD Moves Forward with Increased Internet Bandwidth and Improved Flexibility

Last week marked a significant milestone with regard to improved access to internet resources from within the district. The district now has direct access to the Internet at twice the speed than we have had traditionally.  With this change in service, the district has also assumed responsibility for all Internet filtering, firewall challenges, and SPAM filters.  I’ve been asked if the transition “feels” any different to the Instructional Technology Department that now manages all of this.  Indeed it does!  There is an initial increase in workload and quite a bit of research and coordination of resources.  But it’s a lot more than that; in many ways it’s a bit like one’s first time driving or riding on a motorcycle  or taking a convertible for a spin with the top down.  There’s a great feeling of freedom, excitement, and independence, with just a hint of danger.

Our department looks forward to these new responsibilities and the increased flexibility it offers to the students and staff we serve.  We look forward to stabilizing the various dependent systems over the next week or two, and then moving forward in a calculated manner to  begin the changes in filtering and access that have been overdue.  As always, please contact your school’s technology committee representative with any suggested enhancements or questions.

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