CCSD Provides Students with Gmail

As part of the District’s ongoing efforts to increase the use of technology as a learning tool, the district is now providing e-mail for our students. Students will have access to school sponsored Gmail, and the address clearly identifies our students as such. The address is (replacing “username” with the student’s username. For example, The email default settings will allow students to email other students and teachers in the district. Students-by default-will not be able to send or receive email to individuals outside of the district.

Some teachers may want to use the student email system to engage students in projects beyond our district, and this is encouraged. Teachers may request such access directly from the Department of Instructional Technology, and will need to provide a list of addresses or domains to include. The requesting teacher will be responsible to oversee the use of students’ email, and the acceptable use policy guides how it is to be used.

Providing our students with district sponsored email is part of our on-going efforts to provide the best possible tools for learning, and is governed by the following Board of Education policies and regulation:

These policies and regulation are available on the district’s website and copies of all are posted at

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