CCSD Saves Thousands of Dollars via Persuasive Writing (Essay)

Today I was informed that our district was ranked 5th in the School Web Lockers (SWL) national essay contest, resulting in a 50% savings in upcoming subscription fees.  School Web Lockers is one of the “cloud based” services used by the district to provide our teachers and students with anytime/anywhere access to their files. For many of our teachers and students, this has become an invaluable component in the district supported digital toolbox.   Below is the entry that was submitted.

Essay Entry:
The Clarkstown Central School District (CCSD), is recognized nationally
for its innovative use of cloud-based technologies to provide resources
for the students and teachers we serve. Currently, we use SchoolWebLockers
to meet our needs for making files available anytime/anywhere. Although we use a variety of web 2.0 tools in our 11 elementary schools, three middle
schools and two high schools, our School Web Lockers have become a
mainstay for many of our staff and students.
“With such a variety of technology at their fingertips, CCSD students take
pride in being digitally prolific. Yet, at the same time, we see
technology as a means for increasing student learning and engagement, not
as something that causes distractions or disrupts our district’s goals,”
said Director of Instructional Technology John Krouskoff.
Nearly four years ago, we realized that students had lots of great work
stored on our servers that was inaccessible when they were out of the
buildings. The students needed an easy, secure way to access and share
those files between school and home, and teachers needed a way to
distribute and collect files electronically. Jump drives were not a
solution for us.
Today, all 16 of our schools use School Web Lockers and students, teachers
and administrators are given access to their own online “locker” which is
available via password from the district’s Web site. Each teacher has
“one-click access” to student lockers, by class, and can effortlessly
distribute and collect documents.
In the current economy, the district is also recognizing significant
savings in the use of paper. Students can access documents electronically,
and many–such as review documents–never need to be printed.
Although School Web Lockers is only one of a handful of district-sponsored
digital tools, its increased use and sustainability has made it an
invaluable component in our digital toolbox.

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