Chromebooks and Chromebases: Innovative Strategy Benefits Students and District

Chromebook TCO


The district’s decision last year to adopt G-Suite (formerly Google Apps for Education) provides many cost effective resources for our students. This move, which allows anytime/anywhere/any device access to digital resources for our learning community, also provides the district the opportunity streamline our operations and maintain a robust digital learning environment through the use of Chromebooks and Chromebase devices.  As a result, we are able to reduce our total cost of ownership by an estimated 61% compared to our traditional desktop and laptop implementations and increase the rate at which we deploy devices by an estimated 93%.  In the BHS Innovation Learning Center (ILC) for example, team member John Castellano booted, configured, and registered to our dashboard five Chromebase devices in less than four minutes! This will be a significant benefit as we acquire several thousand devices through the NYS Smart Schools Bond Act.  Not only will we be able to get devices into the hands of our students much quicker, these efficiencies allow our technical support staff to spend more time working on complex responsibilities such as data security, network upgrades and fine tuning, as well as moving forward with projects such as single sign-on for users and optimizing cloud resources.

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