Clarkstown Education Foundation: A Commitment to our Community

On Saturday evening I was fortunate to enjoy a gathering which reinforced my belief that each of us as individuals can indeed make a significant difference in our community and the importance for us, as adults, to collectively keep our eyes on the prize for the next generation. 

The event I attended was a fundraiser for the Clarkstown Education Foundation (donations can now be made online).  One hundred percent of the funds raised went directly to the Foundation, something that was possible only because of the generous sponsorship (food, drink, entertainment, and location) that was donated by several community members.  As our teachers work hard to prepare our students for the future they will inherit and strive to fulfill our district’s strategic goals, the value of our community’s commitment to the success of such endeavors is invaluable.  It’s comforting to know that despite the economic challenges we face as a nation, communities can still come together and support our most precious resource; preparing our children for the 21st century challenges in which they will need to serve as leaders and problem solvers.

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