Clarkstown Education Foundation Technology Mini Grant Competition

The Clarkstown Education Foundation is again supporting a mini grant programs for teachers. The Foundation will be awarding two SMART Boards and three $500 prizes to support classroom technology initiatives. The winners will be selected in early June.  The mini-grant application is available only online, and applicants may find it useful to use a word processor to answer and save the two questions prior to accessing the online form.  This allows for revisions and editing, and the final answers can be pasted in the application.  This will minimize the chance of losing work if the browser times out or if an internet connection is lost.  There are two questions to answer, and they are listed below for your reference:

  • Describe in 250 words or more your experience with classroom use of technology.  Specifically cite the ways in which you will foster student involvement with technology. With respect to the more traditionally provided technologies such as computers and plasma screens, cite the impact, if any, of their usage on student achievement.
  • In 200 words or more, describe how Smart Board curriculum will be integrated into classroom lessons to improve student achievement. 

You may click here to complete the application and paste your written responses.

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