Clarkstown Schools Featured in National “New York Goes Google” Campaign

Nearly two years ago, the district’s technology committee explored a variety of tools for our “online toolbox.” Google Apps became the cornerstone (supported by other tools such as branded blogs, wikis, and voicethread), and today NY State has “Gone Google.”

Our district was featured prominently in today’s announcement at the New York Institute of Technology, and it’s important that the work of all the committee members involved, as well as the tireless work of so many staff members, be recognized. This has been a wonderful and widespread collaboration.

I expect we’ll hear more of how NYS has”Gone Google” in the future, but a special thank you is owed with regard to the collective efforts that are regularly made in our district to provide the students we serve with “best in breed” resources and for continuing to make a difference. The four minute video (below) features our district prominently.

One of many articles (including a video featuring CCSD) is available in PC Magazine.

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