Coding at Wells Middle School and Beyond

Today I had the opportunity to see some of the various coding that the sixth graders are working on in the library with Ms. DeBellis.  Over the course of the year, all sixth graders have an experience coding and sharing their work with the classmates.  In addition to the CS programming projects, several students are exploring Alice, a 3-D coding language created at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). One student spoke with me for a while and explained the strategies and steps necessary to create the Star Wars trailer he developed.  This included various camera angles and plenty of “try and try again” troubleshooting to figure out the best way to achieve his goals.  As with many of the programs in the district, the coding platforms are web based and can be used outside of the school.  Such high interest activities are a great way to shift from passive screen time to productive screen time!

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