District Technology Committee Explores Redefining Technology Access and Focus

On May 3, 2011, the district’s technology committee met and held focused conversations on strategic planning to support the district’s five year technology integration vision, including:

  • Expanding district’s utilization of Google Applications to support student engagement, learning, and achievement
  • Increasing anytime/anywhere access for students and staff
  • Re-allocating to resources to maximize benefits of the evolving technology landscape (ie. Cloud computing, no cost/low cost solutions to maximize ROI and lower TCO)
  • Moving forward strategically while minimizing self-imposed barriers.

The committee members present recognized that many of the district’s resources, including some of its most confidential information, already resides in the cloud (i.e. IEP Direct, eSchoolData, My Learning Plan, Aesop, Evaluation Pro). Additionally, the district is currently poised to make this move as a result of nearly four years of professional development and use of cloud services by staff (i.e. ¬†Google Apps, School Web Lockers).

The committee unanimously agreed this is a direction we must take, yet recognizes that this is a second order change for many in the district.  As with any change, it will be essential to provide extended professional development opportunities and increased support in each school to minimize frustrations and maximize collaborations between and among students and teachers.


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