Email Tips, Tricks, and Suggestions for Using Our Updated Software

We have had a lot of very positive feedback regarding the updated email software, as well as several questions.  Below are some tips, tricks and suggestions you may find useful. 
  How do I change the default appearance (i.e. default font size, color, or other formatting) for my email?
Solution:   Users may change these attributes by logging on to the email system, selecting “Options” on the top right of the screen, and then choosing “Messaging” and “Messaging format” from the left menu bar.  You will see a variety of options, and this level of customization is designed to let each user select the appearance that best matches his/her needs and preferences.
Question:  How do I access the bcc: field so I can send an email to a group of parents (or others) without displaying their email addresses?
Solution:   Users may access the bcc: field by creating a new email, clicking “Options” on the top right of the screen, and then selecting the “show bcc:” checkbox. 
  How do I find a contact?
Solution:   Users may find any district employee by simply typing part of the name in the address box (to:, cc:, or bcc) and hitting enter or by typing in part of the name and clicking on the “check names” icon on the menu bar.    Additionally, contact information may be found by clicking on the contacts link (on the left navigation bar) and browsing for the name or entering it in the “search contacts” field.
  The email keeps “kicking me out” of the system every five or ten minutes!  I understand the need for security, but this is crazy! (Pleasantly paraphrased)
Solution:   This is a bug in the system that we are investigating.  The system is designed to sign-off users whose web email account is inactive for more than twenty minutes.  We are working to resolve this bug, and I thank you for your patience as we work to do so.  (Please note that the policy with regard to our office computers having a password protected screen saver run when a computer is idle for more than ten minutes has not changed.)
  How can I receive email on my personal BlackBerry or SmartPhone, and are there any risks to doing so?
Solution:   The office of instructional technology will configure any district provided BlackBerry with access to our BlackBerry server.  Because these phones may contain sensitive data, please set a personal password (similar to the process we use with office desktops) that will be required for access after 10 minutes of inactivity.  If you need assistance with this, please call or visit our office.  The district does not support email access to non-district sponsored phones or devices.  However, for those who wish to receive email on a personal mobile device, the following information can be shared with your wireless provider to aid in configuring it.  Please note that although this is a good way to receive email “on the go” it is not synchronized with our servers.  This means messages you send from your mobile device will not be stored in your “sent” items on the server, and your calendars and other data will not be wirelessly synchronized.  As we do not support mobile access to non-district sponsored phones, I request that you not ask our technicians or engineers for assistance with such devices (and I thank you in advance for honoring that request).

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