Exploring Scarsdale’s Elementary School Innovations

Kindergarten ClassroomOn Friday I joined a team of teachers and the principal from Brewster’s John F. Kennedy School in a visit three elementary schools in Scarsdale, NY.  Our goal was to learn more about how they use space in the elementary grades to further engage students and put them at the center of their learning.  John F. Kennedy school is in the middle of a construction project that will reconfigure learning spaces and provide access to a variety of learning resources, including maker spaces and digital learning centers.

Each of the four teachers we visited shared a great deal regarding the thinking that went in to designing their rooms.  Our team will include some of their strategies and experiences as we work to develop learning spaces for our district’s youngest learners.  Though I’ve posted two pictures here, I suggest visiting the EdDesignShop twitter feed from Lorella Lamonaca’s class. An artifact from an elementary school classroom Lamonaca’s classroom is based on the Reggio Emilia approach to learning, and she has invited members of our team to join her study group as well! Jerry Crisci, Scarsdale Schools’ Director of Instructional Technology and Innovation, hosted this visit and arranged time for us to see plenty of innovative learning in three elementary schools.  Crisci also serves as co- director of the Scarsdale Center for Innovation.

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