Fifth Grade Students Code, Visit NYC, and Impress Google Engineers!

Fifth grade students in Tuckahoe, NY have had a great three month journey, learning how to Code and create as part of Google’s CS-First initiative.  Cottle School’s fifth grade teacher Merrily Besvinick was inspired by Amber Klebanoff, LHRIC assistant manager of emerging technologies, and quickly embraced the program as a means for students to have positive hands-on experience with coding.  Students work with Besvinick and Klebanoff every Thursday morning as part of a differentiated center and are thoroughly engaged in their individual projects.

“I think this is probably one of my favorite groups because I love coding,” said one fifth grader, describing his experience.

Google employees were quite impressed with the students’ work and have invited Besvinick, Klebanoff, and the fifth grade students to Google NYC Headquarters for a full day tour of the building and the opportunity to meet Google employees, ask questions, and showcase their work!

Cait Pickens, who works on the CS-First project at Google shared her team’s enthusiasm in an email to Klebanoff.  “Our team spends a lot of time looking at the projects students create, and it’s amazing to hear students talk about their own work. I wish more teachers were doing this sort of thing!”

Pickens also added, “I shared the videos of your students with the whole CS First team at Google. Our project lead even cried!”

The video below contains a brief slide show and then a series of interviews with students.



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