Getting Ready for the 2012-13 School Year!

Upon returning to work in September, all staff will immediately notice the district’s new email system.  After a year of preparation, we will move from Outlook to Gmail, which allows us to chat, video chat, and eliminates the need to delete messages or file them in folders.

Staff members who are not familiar with Gmail should view this short “Gmail Basics” guide and the “Getting Started” guide which includes information related to signatures, labels, and filters.  More comprehensive information is available at

For a hands-on experience, please log in to the student side of Google Apps ( and explore the various techniques that are presented in the training materials.  Please do not use Gmail on the teacher side of Google Apps (, as we are in the middle of migrating data and do not want any users to lose any archived email.

Elsewhere in the district, our technical team is hard at work installing and imaging the hundreds of desktops and laptops that have arrived for our students to use.  Wiring teams are visiting each school to expand our wireless network capabilities, including grades 3-5 and libraries in the elementary schools as well as bolstering the signals and capacity of our wireless networks in the secondary schools.  This school year promises to be a great one for all learners, and I’ll post more information in the upcoming days!




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