Google Announces “Classroom” Service–With Input from Local Students and Educators

Today–teacher appreciation day–Google announced a new service for students and teachers.  Google Classroom.   I was fortunate to be involved with this project from its alpha stage and learned such a great deal in the process.  What’s most impressive is that local students and teachers, those I’ve worked so closely with and who have been such leaders with having students take ownership of their learning through the use of technology, played a big role in the product.

Google product managers, user experience specialists, project managers and more worked with teachers and students and the final product reflects so much of those collaborations.     The video below provides a glimpse into the new service, and Heidi Bernasconi, Paul Lepore, Paul Diamond, and Toni Piscitelli should beam with pride as they see how their work, and the work of their students, will now have a global impact.

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