Google Apps for Education at CCSD

For the past two and a half years, our district has been using Google Apps for Education, and this year many more students (and teachers) collaborated through this wonderful online resource. This Wednesday, June 15, 2011, the Google Chromebooks will go on sale at and Best Buy. Some of our students were fortunate to pilot this new technology (no hard drive, ten second boot time, more) over the past six weeks, and–with the exception of a low quality trackpad that has been replaced in the final product–the results have been overwhemingly positive.  We anticipate purchasing several sets of Chromebooks for the middle school, where many students and teachers actively use our Google Apps domain on a daily basis.  The quick boot time and long battery life (more than eight hours) will make this new technology and interesting play in the education arena, and if the pilot programs we ran are any indication, next year promises to be a very engaging year for our learners.

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