Google Chrome Netbooks Debut in Clarkstown Schools

Last night the Board of Education accepted the donation of 35 Chrome netbooks from Google, and today at 7:30 they were being used by students in Marine Biology! ¬†{Editor’s note May 2017: ¬†These “netbooks” turned out to be CR-48 devices, which would later be branded as “Chromebooks”} Students were thrilled to be part of a pilot for our district, and their enthusiasm was evident, even during first period. The students knew that the Chrome netbooks were coming, and they are eager to provide feedback to Mrs. Bernsaconi, the administration, and Google.

The class period started with a brief overview of logging on and the various settings. Before long, students were logged into their Google Apps account and were reviewing Mrs. Bernasconi’s notes and assignments. They also explored the various apps and personalized their backgrounds and themes.

Students were impressed with how quickly the computers booted, and how crisp and snappy the internet responded. The positive first impressions were evident in all periods, and the students are thrilled to have daily one-to-one access to the computers and their own online resources as they prepare for final exams and complete end of the year projects. One student was particularly enthusiastic, and decided to do an impromptu Google Chrome Netbook commercial, pleading to have it sent to Google. It was evident this had been a point of discussion between here and many of her peers in the classroom, and such enthusiasm related to technology and learning, and displayed in so many ways, was quite a thrill. More will follow in the upcoming weeks as these students put the new Chrome netbooks through the paces.

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