How to Access Our Google Apps When the Sign-on Server is Inaccessible

Recently, the level of failure on one of our services on the log-in server has become unacceptable.  We will continue to work on resolving this issue, but in the meantime, we have a solution that will allow our students and teachers to access the Google Apps student and teacher side.

We have updated the links on our website to point directly to Google Apps.  In most cases, the username for Google Apps is the same as for our network.  In cases where a person (on the original registration for Google Apps) entered a different password, they’ll need to use that one.  If they don’t remember, please email me what they would like it to be (should be same as network login) with a cc to Toni Piscitelli, and we will reset it.   Please confirm that you and the students who use Google apps are able to log in using the new links. (teachers) (teachers and students)

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