Learn America Launches Free Web Math Based Resources!

For the past year and  a half, I have served as Chief Learning Officer for Learn America, a comprehensive mathematics LMS available at no cost to schools.  I’ve been fortunate to be a part of shaping this anytime/anywhere differentiated learning resource, but the quality of the product is a result of Carol Desoe’s passion for engaged learning.

Desoe, a forty year educator and former Scarsdale math department chair, put together a team of experts to develop the content.  Because of her reputation and the quality of the work done by her team of educators, nationally recognized math expert Dr. Marty Lewinter joined the team in early 2014, bringing his out of the box strategies for learning math to our project.  The result is pure synergy, and those who have used the Learn America platform in its beta form have shared their excitement.

By putting the students at the center of their learning and providing a wealth of resources (including an assessment engine, engaging kick-off sessions, and more), students and teachers now have powerful tools for  improved and expanded learning opportunities.

Please explore this service, request a demo and free access for your teachers and students, and let me know your thoughts!  I’m proud to be part of this innovative project, and it is proof that this continues to be an exciting time to be in education!

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