Local Educators Recognized by Google for Their Work on Google Classroom

As Google Classroom begins rolling out to more and more districts, it’s great to see the Google Classroom development team give kudos to the many teachers involved in the project. ¬†Our Clarkstown teachers were mentioned specifically! ¬†Rather than try to paraphrase, I’ll simply paste their comments here directly:

“Paul and Heidi, words cannot describe how grateful we are for all of the time you devoted to the pilots; thanks for recruiting Nicole, Joseph, and Paul to help as well! We cannot thank you enough for your time and dedication to help us develop, prototype, and pilot Classroom. Your feedback was absolutely instrumental in building a product that will work across all grade levels and subjects. Our team is so impressed with the ways you have incorporated Google Apps for Education into your teaching and your students are incredibly lucky to have such wonderful teachers!”

We are fortunate to have such amazing educators in our area as well as the opportunity to be part of such an exciting project that will mean so much to students and teachers.

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