Long Range Planning: Defining Our Path

Today our technology planning subcommittee met to define the processes we will use for creating our long term technology plan. We agreed that this plan would not be framed by the expectations and guidelines associated with the the e-rate requirements and required by the state (though that would still be created and would be an outgrowth of our strategic plan). Rather, we determined that we would create a long range strategic plan, one which addresses the best uses and applications of technology for our students and teachers.

By the end of our two hour session, we agreed that to develop such a plan, we need to develop a common set of guided questions to be shared with the teachers in each school, thus beginning our discussions in a focused manner. Feedback from teachers and administrators in each building would then be used to uncover common threads district-wide and provide a focus, allowing us to develop a strategic, long term technology plan that ultimately provides teachers with the appropriate tools and resources to improve instruction and student achievement.

This Thursday (January 25, 2007), I will meet with the leadership team and introduce the Web 2.0/School 2.0 concept, and provide a brief overview of some of the new tools available to educators. I will ask for their support as we move forward, looking to gather input from each grade level to ensure the committee is well informed. By identifying areas ranging from causes of frustration and other roadblocks to best practices and powerfully successful technology implementations, the committee will develop a plan that channels appropriate technologies to strategic uses, providing solutions and stimulating improved student participation and achievement.

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