Moving Forward in Two Districts Committed to Professional Development and Engaged Learning!

Chromebook in the Classroom’s been just over a month since I left the Clarkstown Central School District to accept a leadership position at the Lower Hudson Regional Information Center (LHRIC).  During this time, I have met a group of educators and community members eager to move forward with strategically providing anytime/anywhere/any device access to learning for their students. This week the Bronxville School will start its Bronxville Google Apps Educators program with two cohorts of teachers.  These 25 sixth through twelfth grade teachers will meet face-to-face to explore the various tools available to educators and how using them purposefully can improve student learning, engagement and achievement.  Each will then participate in Google sponsored on-line courses related to their desired area of mastery, engage in a series of formative assessments, and then take a summative assessment within three weeks of beginning the coursework.  Three weeks later our two cohorts will come together again to share what they learned that was new, how they intend to use the tools to support specific student learning outcomes, and become part of an online group of Google Apps educators. I’ve also been fortunate to work with administrators and teachers in the Tuckahoe school district and have already met with the majority of the teachers in the district.  We will be working together during the school day, exploring how the Chromebooks (several hundred) can be used to support an increasingly diverse set of learning activities.  We’ll also work together in after school traditional professional development workshops, focusing not only on how to use the Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education, but how students can take further ownership of their learning and engage in activities that would otherwise be impractical or impossible. These are exciting times, and our activities these next few months will serve as a springboard for both districts into a new era of opportunity for students to further engage and own their learning.


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