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Change is a familiar partner to any technology director, and it’s something we learn to embrace and harness for the good of those we serve.  Today marks a day of significant change for the Department of Instructional Technology.  John Calvert, our technology learning facilitator, has moved forward with his career and will be leaving the Clarkstown Central School District.  Though this change will inevitably lead to new opportunities for our district, it’s worth a moment to pause and consider just how much a difference one person can make in a school district.  Those who have worked with John know the treasure we are losing.  He joined the District after a competitive search and quickly became a powerful force in our efforts to use technology as a tool to further engage our students in their learning.

Mr. Calvert worked with all Kindergarten teachers his first spring/summer, demonstrating how SMART Boards can be used to transform the classroom for our youngest learners.  His enthusiasm, patience, and insistence on measuring success through the lens of student engagement has made the work purposeful for teachers and students.

Calvert also became one of the first Google Certified Teachers (GCT) in the region.  There are only several hundred  GCT’s in the world, and his experiences in this program were instrumental in the development of the district’s Google Curriculum Portal as well as the broad use by teachers and students of this collaborative tool.  Many teachers have commented that giving students the opportunity to collaborate anytime/anywhere has dramatically changed what it means to be a student!  Their enthusiasm is contagious, and the program continues to grow.

As a co-worker, John also became a friend.  We have had the opportunity to share on many national stages the great work that is taking place in Clarkstown.  Though the presentations include the use of various technologies, the focus has always been on improving student learning and engagement.

I wish  John Calvert continued success and growth in his new position.


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