Mystery Skype!

I was at a table talking with @pattigrayson and she shared a cool geography project she does with her fourth  grade students.  They do a mystery skype with a class in another state, but the students do not know in which state the other class is located.  The students ask (mostly) geographical questions which must be in yes/no format and need to figure it out as they go along.  They use maps in the process, building map skills throughout.  It struck me as a cool way to understand geography.  Her colleague (name eludes me, sorry) showed me how he had his fifth graders Skype with a shark expert in South Africa.  He shared that the trick in setting up a Skype session with busy professionals is to say it will only last 20 minutes, thus allowing for a small time commitment with big benefits.  This #Educon conference promises to continue in its tradition of excellence.

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