New Elementary School Software Aligned to the Common Core State Standards

 As our students settle in to the new school year, our teachers are becoming familiar with a new breed of software.  Selected by a representative group of teachers last year, the new software aligns with the Common Core State Standards.  Technology Learning Facilitator John Calvert has been busy visiting each elementary school and working with groups of teachers, providing hands on professional development opportunities.  Some classes have already begun using Dreambox Learning, a proven online mathematics software program that moves students through the curriculum at a pace customized for each student.  The program, which is quite engaging to our students, also provides teachers with a wealth of data related to each child’s progress, as measured against the Common Core State Standards.  Automated progress reports are available to parents via an email function in the program.

Additional software will be introduced, along with the necessary professional development indicated below, and student access to technology to use these resources will be increased with the arrival of the new hardware in a few weeks.


Timeline for Elementary Software Professional Development

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