New Tools for Engaging Students in Their Learning

Last week I learned that our district would be receiving a set of Google Chrome netbooks, and the timing of this news was perfect. {Editor’s note May 2017:  These “netbooks” turned out to be CR-48 devices, which would later be branded as “Chromebooks”}  I had spent the past two weeks finalizing budgets and the five year technology plan, and throughout the process I continued to remind those around me (as well as myself) that technology is not our focus; our focus is engaging students in their learning and providing teachers and students with tools that empower them.
These netbooks will likely be fantastic tools, and students will have even more opportunities to collaborate, explore, analyze, and create information. The teachers selected to pilot these tools with their students will provide valuable feedback from a teacher’s perspective, and gather student feedback as well. As we move into the purchasing cycle, there is now another valuable tool to consider. These are certainly exciting times, and that excitement and joy of learning must continue to become an integral part of our students’ experience.

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