Online Google Apps Resources: How do I…?

Over the course of the summer I have had requests for self-directed Google Apps materials.  It seems that summertime may be the best time for reviewing on-line tools and learning more about the online resources available in the district.  Below are a series of links related to our Google Apps for Education resource that I have culled from various websites.  As the school year begins, we will post a variety of links to support the various software in the district.

NOTE:  In any of the documents where it states you need to create an account for yourself or other users, please know that all our teachers and students already have accounts.  You can access the teacher side of Google Apps (for teacher-teacher collaboration) at  or the student and teacher side (most often used, and perfect for teacher-student collaborations) at  The username and password are the same as those used for email and network access.

Starting Guides

Google Docs

Google Spreadsheets

Google Presentation

Google Apps Interactive Tutorial – Excellent resource and thorough overview.  Don’t miss the arrows on the bottom of the interactive slides!

Overview Presentation of Google Docs – What can I do with docs?

Self Grading Assessments

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