Opportunity for Secondary Teachers to Choose Between a Netbook and a Laptop!

In response to teacher feedback, the Department of Instructional Technology would like to offer any teacher at the secondary schools who prefers a laptop to his/her current Netbook the opportunity to switch devices.  The netbook is small and extremely portable.  The laptop is larger, has a larger screen and keyboard, contains a DVD player, and is heavier. Both are high quality devices, and which you choose is a matter of personal preference.  We are thrilled to be able to provide you with the device of your choice!  

Challenge: The district coordinated with many stakeholders when making the decision to provide Netbooks to most teachers of at Felix Festa, North and South.  Though many have found these to be effective tools and a good fit for mobile computing, others have found them limiting due to no DVD drive, a smaller keyboard, and smaller screen.  Clearly, this is not a one size fits all solution.

Solution:  Teachers who currently have a district provided Dell Netbook and wish to keep it do not need to take any action.  Those who would like to trade in the Netbook for a laptop need to complete a brief form (click here to access the form) within the next week.  The deadline for completing the form is May 18th and is not flexible.  At that point our totals for the computer refresh order will be finalized and cannot be changed.

Support site: Please visit the district’s support site (on the district’s Google home page, it’s the second link on the right) for a FAQ and some hints on maximizing the use of the netbooks

Specifications and details:  Click here for the details of the laptop model the district intends to purchase (model subject to change).


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