Public Education and the Nexus of Forces: Keeping Students at the Center of our Technology Decisions

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As leaders, our decisions around student engagement, collaboration, and vision must be aligned with the global technology reality.  This reality is referenced by Gartner as a Nexus of Forces, forces which educational leaders cannot ignore. Defined as a “convergence and mutual reinforcement of mobile, social, cloud and information,” Gartner asserts that this convergence is a “consumerization and democratization of IT” in a “technology-immersed world.”

Our students don’t leave this technology-immersed world behind when they enter our schools. Emphasis is now being placed on the need for all district leaders to step up and no longer allow for techspeak or a veil of technical complexity to dominate decisions which impact our technology choices and–ultimately–the learning opportunities of our students.

As we move into the sixteenth year of 21st century learning, we will benefit from Gartner’s research which states,

With power shifting to the individual, the role of the IT organization must be less about erecting barriers and more about removing obstacles to ease mobility, social interaction and contextual information delivery, as well as innovating work practices.

Keeping our students at the center of our planning will help ensure we move in the right direction, and the decisions we make today impact our workforce and lifestyle for years to come.

Gartner reference:

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