Resolving Technical Difficulties that Impact Instruction

The department of instuctional technology is committed to minimizing instances in which technical difficulties impact student learning and engagement.  It’s tough to be engaged while waiting indefinitely for a website or blog to load.  Part of ensuring we have robust resources for our students is removing obsolete equipment from our classrooms and networks.  Another part is regularly reviewing how our resources are used.  Using specific instances that we were able to replicate, our technical team attacked a problem that Link was having with blogging and identified insufficient bandwidth as the likely culprit.  Immediately we requested that BOCES, who provides our internet service and filtering, increase our bandwidth by at least fifty percent;  a change that was made by 1:00 the next day.

The Department of Instructional Technology is committed to providing a high quality of service and an appropriate sense of urgency in resolving technical difficulties that impact instruction.

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