Serving Our Students and Staff by Keeping Our Networks Secure

As the district nears its final cutover to the Lightpath Network, we have been working behind the scenes to ensure our users have a seamless transition.  One of the tools we are using is Postini, a best in breed SPAM filter.  As you’ll notice by the graph below, well over a million SPAM messages were blocked in the period from April 3, 2010 through May 3, 2010.  Although our filters catch most SPAM, occasionally a message will slip through and users should simply delete any such messages.  By preventing these messages from reaching our networks, we make our e-mail system more robust and user friendly, save gigabytes in unnecessary storage, and minimize the spread of viruses that all to often accompany many types of SPAM.

SPAM for a One Month Period

SPAM for a One Month Period

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