Significant Upgrades to Our Digital Learning Infrastructure

The Brewster Central School District is in the process of completing significant technology upgrades designed to provide our students and staff with a variety of enhanced and reliable digital learning opportunities.  Many professional learning opportunities have also been scheduled, with more workshops added based on the requests and needs of our staff.

Digital learning is impossible without robust and predictable resources, and the end of December marks he completion of significant upgrades to our network infrastructure.  We have replaced outdated switches (1 gbps capacity) with high capacity switches (10 gbps capacity) and on December 28th, we shut down the network for a day and replaced the district’s core switch with one which can handle current and future demands.  These upgrades are significant and will remove many of the internal bottlenecks that our users have experienced.

This month we will put our network and digital resources under the scrutiny of an objective audit by an outside agency.  In addition to examining our wired and wireless networks, the audit will examine and make recommendations regarding network closets and cabinets, servers, backup-systems, and internet services.  This audit will help ensure we can successfully deliver on the district’s commitment to digital learning, a increasingly vital component of our students’ learning experiences.

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