Smart Schools Investment Plan Update (no change in status)

This week the district’s Smart Schools Investment Plan approval remains in “Expenditure Review” status, based on a status report issued on September 14, 2016.  We are not alone, as 110 other districts are in the same “Expenditure Review” status as we are and must wait for New York State Education Department (NYSED) approval prior to spending any of the dollars allocated under the Smart Schools Bond Act.

We have been communicating our status regularly to the community regularly, and details from last week are available here.  Once approved, the district will begin purchasing the items listed in the Classroom Learning Technology category, including the first phase of our one-to-one Chromebook program and replacing outdated presentation devices.  In total, the district will receive $1.6 million dollars from the state.

Though the delay the final approval of our plan has been disruptive to some, it is encouraging to hear the frequent requests for status updates from our teachers.  Indeed, the resources are in demand, and the district will continue to provide ongoing professional learning opportunities for our teachers in anticipation of these new technologies.  Many teachers are already leveraging the benefits of Google Classroom as they “flip” their lessons and use contact time to discuss key concepts and encourage engaging conversations.

Smart School Investment Plan status updates are posted here on the NYSED website.

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