Summary of Communication Strategies Used During Superstorm Sandy

When Superstorm Sandy tore through our town, many were left with no power or Internet, as well as very limited cellular service.  The District utilized various communications strategies, and added an emergency “cloud based” blog and a “self-enroll” text messaging service.  Below is a summary of our communications:

School Messenger – Twelve messages were sent over a nine day period.  More than 100,000 emails were sent, and more than 67,000 phone calls were answered (either by a person or voice mail).

Twitter – Our 1,114 followers, many of whom retweet our information to their own networks, received fourteen messages at (or #ccsdschools).

CCSD Alerts website – This website, launched shortly after our District website was brought down by a cable outage,  reached more than 3,580 unique visitors (6,429 page views), with a high of 1,688 pageviews on Sunday, November 4, 2012.

Remind101 Text Messaging – The District launched a ccsdalerts text messaging  service using and within two days nearly 2,000 individuals had self-enrolled in this text messaging system.  Seven messages were sent using this system, which now has nearly 2,200 subscribers.

New City Patch – The District used its relationship with the New City Patch to assist in communicating with the community.  “Breaking news” banners featured key information whenever the District had an update, and our Technology Director’s blog was updated six times over the course of nine days.

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