Talking About Web 2.0 Can Be a Challenge, but We’re Not the First Generation to Deal with New Technologies (see video link at end)!

It’s difficult to talk about these new Web 2.0 technologies with others who are not familiar with them. Casually using terms like blogs, blogosphere, social bookmarking and (my favorite) wikis usually draws a smirk or other non-verbal cue from a colleague, a cue that indicates that perhaps all this talk is “just a bit out there” …but it’s not!

In an upcoming post, I will highlight one or two examples of how this technology is being used purposefully in our district. To be considered purposeful, it must address a need, simplify a process, or allow us to do things we might otherwise be unable to do. Simply “being cool” is not a criteria! More on that later.

Of course, we’re not the first generation to encounter frustrations as we transition to new technologies. A wonderful YouTube video shared by the LHRIC provides a humorous look at the difficulties often associated with deploying new technologies. It’s really worth a look! Special thanks to Mark Samis at LHRIC for passing that video along!

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