The Opportunity to Teach!

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to teach a graduate course for The College of New Rochelle. The course is Application of Technology for Instructional Leaders and this is the last or next to last course requirement for this cohort of adult learners. So why the exclamation mark in my heading?
When I taught high school English, I greatly enjoyed the interactions and daily feedback from the students I served. I was “close to the instructional core” and it was as challenging as it was rewarding. With so many different personalities (read “learning styles”), I had to consistently reflect on what worked and didn’t work, and develop strategies to ensure I connected with all my students. As every teacher knows, this is no easy task–but the rewards for a job done right are invaluable.
So now I have the opportunity to formally share the leadership experiences I have had during the 14 years I have been out of the classroom, and the responsibility of providing a purposeful experience for the adult learners in the course. In the end, each of these leaders will develop his/her own set of tools and strategies around technology and education–one which ultimately impacts student learning and engagement in a meaningful way.
I am thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with these learners directly. I will post regularly about this experience on my blog under the category “Graduate Learning” and use this tool as a way to share with the cohort– as well as others who are interested.

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