The Power of Authentic Student Blogging

Our school district has the ability to create an unlimited number of blogs, and with the advent of the common core standards, having students blog is more valuable than ever. As educators, we know the value of students interacting with an authentic audience, defending their points of view, and learning about other cultures.  Blogs serve this purpose, and are much different than a common misperception of blogs (i.e. nasty comments in local media).  This 15 minute video is a must-see if you are interested in using one tool (student blogs) to address a multitude of standards and skills.  As a veteran educator, I found myself nodding in agreement and smiling throughout most of the video.  Grab a cup of coffee or water, close your door, and allow yourself the joy of 15 uninterrupted minutes exploring how this simple tool can have such a great impact on the lives of the students we serve!  I promise you will have an renewed (or new) interest in this medium!  Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

A big thank you to Kathleen Morris at the Leopold Primary School near Geelong in Victoria, Australia.

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