There will be No H:/ Drive After July 1, 2012 for Students in Grades 6-12

At the last the technology committee meeting, members agreed that it is important to begin (now) informing grade 6-12 teachers that student work will be saved “in the cloud” next year as opposed to local servers. Specifically, students will be asked to use Google Apps and/or to store all files, and these are services that many students are currently using.  John Calvert will be running a series of workshops related to Google Apps, and it’s important to get the word out to teachers and students now so they have time to ramp up and become accustomed with the service(s).  Only a limited of number of servers will be available for grades 6-12 and those will be specifically for classes with extremely large files (i.e. CAD, digital video, digital music, digital art).

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