Three Minute Update: April 25, 2012

Removal of surplus computers and monitors – This is being scheduled by Richard Hernandez and should take place in the not too distant future.  Richard is collaborating with principals and the vendor to schedule the removal of this equipment.

UPDATE:  No H:/ drive for students grades 4-12 next year – Next year students will no longer save to the H:/ drive.  All documents will still be saved centrally (and backed up), but they will be “in the cloud” which means students can access them from anywhere.  Google Apps has introduced a Google Drive which provides significant flexibility not only in accessing files, but also in opening files for which the user may not have the program!  For those of you who have tried to open a document when you don’t have the program, you’re aware of what a big enhancement this is.  Details related to the features are available at   John Calvert is providing a series of professional development workshops over the next few months.

Elementary School Hardware Deployment – In previous meetings, representative elementary principals and I met to review the technology needs for the 2012-13 school year.  Our plans took into account the need to accommodate the (yet unknown) requirements for the upcoming online assessments while significantly increasing the technology that is available to our elementary school students.  This conversation then included the Elementary Technology Infusion Committee.  Based on our collaborations and needs’ assessments,  I will be recommending that the district move forward with Plan A, which is as follow:

  • Netbooks for Grade 4    –  ½ set (up to 12 per school)
  • Netbooks for Grade 3 – ½ set  (14 per school )  NOTE:  Possible laptops, depending on pricing
  • Chromebooks for Grade 5   28 per school
  • Desktops for each grade K-3 classroom    3 additional per K-3 classroom
  • SMART Board and install grade 2 (no projector)  NOTE:  The budgeting takes into account that a number of second grade classrooms are already equipped with SMART Boards.  There is no “credit” that can be applied to an alternative to the SMART Board.

Middle School and Secondary School Hardware Deployment – I have met with the principals in each school to review the technology needs and have included those items into the annual lease.  I am working out the final numbers and for that reason I am not including details here (as they might change).

Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) Update – The district now provides the opportunity for users to bring their own technology to school.  There have been some challenges with handheld devices, and those are being worked out by the technicians and consultants.  In the next week or two, our RADIUS server will be completed, which will make the BYOT connections much more robust.  The district assumes no responsibility for devices which are brought to school (our insurance does not cover personal devices).  Teachers and students who bring their own technology to school are still bound by the guidelines of the district’s acceptable use policy and the network is only for school related use.

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