Three Minute Update: Elementary Schools 2011-12

This is an exciting time for our district’s elementary schools, each school will have a significant infusion of digital resources for the 2011-12 school year.  Students in grades four and five will have access to laptops/netbooks, and the computer lab in each school will be equipped with new multimedia computers.  Our second grade classrooms will all have a projection unit and pull down screen as well.

As fantastic as all this is, what’s even more exciting is what the students will be able to do with the computers!  A committed group of elementary school teachers, learning facilitators, and administrators worked tirelessly last year to select software tools that are engaging, aligned to the Common Core State Standards, research based, and provide our students with unprecedented technology infused learning opportunities.  The chart below highlights the new software that is being purchased, as well as a time frame for the all-so-important professional development opportunities that will be scheduled in each school.  The 2011-12 school year promises to be one of excitement, new challenges and opportunity for students and teachers!

Timeline for Elementary Software Professional Development


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