Three Minute Update: February 22, 2009

The “Three Minute Update” is designed to provide you with a snapshot of key items related to the department of instructional technology that may be of interest to you. Items are listed in random order.  Please share all or parts of this message as appropriate.

Three CCSD Teachers Selected to Present at LHRIC’s Third Annual Tech Expo – On March 13th, three of our teachers will be presenting at the LHRIC Third Annual Tech Expo, sharing how they use technology to engage students and increase student learning. This event will showcase the best uses of technology by schools in the Lower Hudson Region. 

Scheduled Upgrades at Both High Schools– The scheduled installation of wireless access points in both high school libraries is moving along on schedule.  This will enable classes to use laptops in the library in support of the curricular goals.  Additionally, North High School will have six workstations (two computers, 4 N-Computing devices) installed on the second floor, providing a much needed resource for classes that use this space for research and other instructional purposes.

Supporting Our District’s Green Efforts -Both high schools have recently increased their capacity to “scan and send” documents in an effort to reduce the number of photocopies that are made.  These high speed “scan and send” devices allow a teacher to scan any material (i.e. study guides, magazine articles, photos) that is not already in digital format, and send it via email as a PDF document or as a photograph.  Teachers can then distribute these documents electronically using the schoolweblockers as a method of distribution.  By simply dragging the document onto a class folder in schoolweblockers, a teacher can electronically share any document with all the students in his/her class!  The response by teachers who have participated in brief training and are already using this system has been overwhelmingly positive, and the conservation of resources has been significant.  At South High School, principal Jim Vitale has also arranged for one of the school’s copy machines to be networked and have “scan and send” capability.  Teachers who may have missed the training sessions for using schoolweblockers should request training from the department that serves as the turnkey trainers for this product.  My office is available for group sessions as well, which can be coordinated via the school principal or tech liaison.  NOTE:  In the period from 9/1/08-2/1/09, teachers uploaded more than 9,000 documents into district sponsored schoolweblockers, and students in our district have uploaded more than 100,000 documents in that same period of time.

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