Three Minute Update: June 22, 2008

Granicus Video Streaming – On Tuesday a small group from our department engaged in a presentation with Granicus. The company offers a service which allows for streaming video through the web and software that indexes those presentations. It also offers storage for one year, and videos used within our networks can be stored on a local server, preserving bandwidth. Possible uses include professional development, plays, sporting events, etc.. This is different in focus when compared to Tubeo, which we previewed last week.

The twenty first century classroom – Conversations around this topic included the technology committee and both principals’ forums. A review of tools for the twenty first century “digital toolbox” for our students and staff will be the focus of Monday’s technology committee meeting from 3:30 – 6:30 at Chestnut Grove.

Selection of eSchoolData as our next generation student information system – As a result of many staff members dedicating many hours visiting and revisiting the current “best in breed” student information systems, the district has selected eSchoolData as the next generation Student Information System for the Clarkstown Central School District.

Pilot program at Woodglen physical education class – The gym at Woodglen now uses a projection unit, computer, and “larger than life” image for large group activities, replacing the 42” Gateway monitor that has been used over the past few years. Karen Lynch and Alanna Otton requested this pilot program as a solution to replace the aging monitor and computer.

SMART Boards – John Calvert (Technology Learning Facilitator) has been doing some introductory professional development with a number of kindergarten teachers, as coordinated with the principals. John Krouskoff has also visited a number of schools to become familiar with the various classroom layouts, and will visit many more with Richard Hernandez on June 24th. The orders have been placed for the boards, and an installer will visit each classroom to ensure the boards are mounted to our specifications

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