Three Minute Update: June 8, 2008

As agreed, here is this week’s “three minute update” designed to provide you with a snapshot of key activities that may be of interest to you.  Items are listed in random order.  I hope you find this useful. 

Standardizing usernames and email addresses to reflect each user’s first initial and last name– We will be standardizing district usernames (network, email, and multiple systems) for consistency.  Usernames will reflect each user’s first initial and last name (i.e. jkrouskoff).  This change WILL NOT impact anyone’s email, as mail from the old address and the new will go to the same mailbox.  We will “over communicate” this prior to taking action.

John Calvert, New Technology Learning Facilitator– Valerie Henning-Piedmonte and I met with many of the elementary school principals last week, and will finish up this week.  Along with John Calvert, we are taking the time to strategically collaborate on how he will work with the teachers and model the same processes as the other learning facilitators.  There is a great deal of excitement around John Calvert’s work and the experience and professionalism he brings to the district.

Conversations related to School 2.0 and the model classroom –What does an “X” classroom look like?  Karen Alevy, Tara Brady, John Calvert, Deb Forman, Deb O’Connell and I spent 2 hours discussing this, and will continue the conversations at the the next elementary principals’ forum.  Though the immediate needs surrounded what technology we will use to replace the outdated technology that can no longer remain in our classrooms, the bigger picture is how technology can support 21st century learning, including anytime/anywhere learning.  Notes from this meeting are available at

A baby boy!-Richard Hernandez is now a father (as of late Tuesday night).  His son, Dylan Cheny Hernandez is healthy and resting, as is his wife.  Our department is thrilled for Richard and wish him all the best, including the wonderful challenges and rewards that parenthood inevitably brings!

SMART Boards ordered – The department has finalized a large order of SMART Boards to support the district’s plan to place one in each Kindergarten classroom and each 6-12 mathematics classroom.  We have been in communication with several vendors and expect to place the order no later than the end of the week.  I have been collaborating with the principals to ensure the rooms numbers and correct number of boards (and installations) are ordered. 

Out of the box solutions for South High School programming classes– Richard Hernandez, Peter Titus, and I have been collaborating with Deb Tarantino, George Engel, and Bruce Nickels to develop a solution for the programming courses at South High School.  We have nearly finalized an arrangement that provides the necessary level of access for the students and teachers while maintaining the integrity of our networks and aligning the program to BOE policies.  A meeting is scheduled next week that includes North and South high schools so we can facilitate equity and best practices with regard to the programming courses.

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